Capt. KC's Margaritas


First off the main thing is use Fresh fruits and throw away your mixtures. 

  1. 1 fresh lime sliced
  2. 1 fresh lemon sliced
  3. 1/4 of your favorite and juciest Orange available
  4. 2 shots of your favorite tequila (my preference is at least a Reposado)
  5. 1 shot of Triplesec
  6. simple syrup (Homemade) to taste
  7. salt or sugar for the rim

Fill metal shaker 1/4 full of crushed ice,  add fruit, muddle until fruit is broken up. Add Tequila, Triple sec, and simple syrup. place a slightly smaller glass on top of shaker and shake. 

Take a Whiskey/Low ball glass and salt or sugar the rim, I do this by rubbing lime juice around the rim then turn the glass over and toughing in in a saucer filled with salt or sugar. fill glass 1/4 with crushed ice. pour content into the glasses either through a strainer or not. This mixture should make one or two drinks Enjoy!!!!!

Simple syrup recipe......1 part sugar in the raw and 1 part water ( I do 2 cups of each) boil or microwave until sugar dissolves......WARNING!!!!!! This will be very HOT!!!!!.......let cool...I add ice cubes. Store in refrig.