Tuna and Fresh Basil Rolls


First off, I can not take credit for this recipe, but I will take credit for sharing it with you guys. We made this last night and it was AWESOME!!!!!

2 - 3 pounds of raw tuna loin
Fresh basil leaves
Egg roll wraps
1 Tbsp water
1 or 2 Eggs

1c mayonnaise
Wasabi paste
1 lime

Cut Raw Tuna into strips in 3 to 4 inches pieces. Should be the diameter of one of your fingers.
Chop or tear basil into small pieces. In a bowl, beat the egg and add one tablespoon of water. Layout 1 wrap at a time in a diamonds shape. Keep the other wraps covered with a slightly damp towel or paper towel. Place the tuna strip in the middle of the wrap along with the basil. Roll the wrap half way then fold the ends in, brush with the egg wash, and finish rolling. (the egg just helps the wrapper stick to itself)

In a deep fryer or in a skillet with oil covering the bottom, fry rolls until golden brown. Do not overcook.

Sauce: In a mixing bowl add mayo, 1/2 tube of wasabi paste (or more to taste), zest of 1/2 a lime, and the juice of 1 fresh lime. mix until well blended. It will be slightly green in color.

Serve on a platter with the dipping sauce. YUM!

Special Thank you to Deer Meat for Dinner for giving us the basics for this recipe.