What A Season!

As we enter the 3rd week of September Salmon season in the Ocean is once again winding down.As sad as it makes many of us it is a grim reality that hits us every year. It is the time when we start pulling gear off the boat, making a repair list, sending gear off to be repaired, start saving gas money for next year. Funny thing is most people can tell you how long it is till Halibut season 2015....

Our store will remain open through the winter with our hours being just the weekends, Friday through Monday. We are having some Really good end of the season sales so if you are in town stop by and check it out. Email me at kcsportfishing@gmail.com if you are interested in what we have on sale

We are going to try to make one last Tuna run in early October if the Tuna and weather allow. So watch for any announcements regarding Tuna sales. I am not holding my breath on this but we are hopeful.

Stayed tuned as I will try and make weekly updates on the goings on at KC Sport Fishing and share news as it comes